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In this section articles about Java frameworks such as JSF and Echo2 can be found, as well as articles discussing the Linux operating system as well as several popular open source applications such as the OpenOffice.org office suite.

Reasons To Use Linux
Still hesitating to make the move? In this article we list several compelling reasons to migrate to Linux. JDK 1.6 (Mustang) GTK L&F Screenshots
JDK 1.6 features an improved GTK look and feel, we downloaded the latest Mustang version to see how good it is. We were impressed.

A Review of the Echo2 Framework
Echo2 is a Java web application framework that allows developers to create highly interactive web based applications. Echo2 applications are written in Java and require no HTML or CSS development.

A Closer Look at the Echo2 Framework
In this article we write a simple but realistic application using Echo2, featuring input validation and integration with Hibernate for data access.

Apache MyFaces 1.1.1 released
The Apache Software Foundation has recently released version 1.1.1 of its MyFaces Java Server Faces (JSF) implementation. Apache MyFaces is a free open source implementation of JavaServer(tm) Faces, a web application framework, standardized by the Java Specification Request 127. This release addresses over 60 defects, as well as some new features and improvements.

Aligning Images in OpenOffice.org Writer
The default behavior of inserted images into OpenOffice.org Writer is one of its quirks. In this article we discuss how to get around the odd default behavior of inserted images into Writer documents.

Using your 64 bit computer to its full potential
An article describing how to best take advantage of Athlon 64 and Turion processors on all personal computers, including laptops and desktops.

Where are the Linux workplaces?
In this piece, we speculate on the reasons that Linux has not been adopted more widely as a workstation operating system.

Daniel O'Neill's reply to our Linux in the workplace article.
One of our readers wrote us to share his experiences with Linux in the workplace.

Java EE 6 Development With NetBeans 7
Java EE 6 Development With NetBeans 7

Java EE 6 with GlassFish 3 Application Server
Java EE 6 with GlassFish 3 Application Server

JasperReports 3.5 For Java Developers
JasperReports 3.5 For Java Developers